Video Broadcast of ETU-Events is Coming!


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Video Broadcast of sports events through streaming technologies over the internet has become standard for many news companies. Now ETU sets sail into that new level of service to all Taekwondo people. Intense talks with a providing company have been made and soon there will be video broadcasting of important ETU tournaments over the internet .

Chances are that soon this service will be ready for viewing. We will provide you with all information how to log in and be able to watch competitions. There also are ideas about live broadcasting - watching competition going on even if you are sitting at home in front of your computer would be a large step in serving the public as well as the media with on the sport information about Taekwondo. It could bring more attention to our sport and it would increase the interest of the public by large.

Have a look on the front page of that service by clicking on the logo at the bottom of the main section of the page and be ready to jump directly on the competition floor!

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