Swedish Taekwondo Federation

By Ferenc Boo

Friday, September 07, 2007

The Swedish Taekwondo Federation took earlier this year decision to start up the Autumn competitions with Adidas  Electronic Body Protectors. The Swedish Federation was never concerned about the introduction as ETU earlier this year accepted the Adidas system.

In first hand the Protectors will be used in the Swedish Cups 1-3 which are the Ranking Competitions together with The Swedish National Championships in December 2007. All together this will be 4 competitions where the Swedish players will use Adidas Electronic Body Protectors to increase that the correct players will win their weight cathegories and also forming the Swedish National Team during 2008.

The Swedish Taekwondo Federation is convinced that this is the future of Taekwondo Competitions and looks now forward to realize the using of the protectors in all competitions on Swedish soil.


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