New Taekwondo Anthem Selected


Saturday, April 21, 2007
The World Taekwondo Federation has selected a taekwondo anthem, with its final announcement pending the approval of the WTF Executive Council in Beijing, China, in May. The WTF’s Screening Committee conducted an evaluation of entries for the taekwondo anthem and taekwondo song lyrics contest at the WTF headquarters in Seoul on April 5, 2007.

The contest for the anthem drew a total of six entries from four countries: Korea, France, Azerbaijan and Croatia, while eight lyrics from five countries (Korea, Vietnam, Azerbaijan, the United Kingdom and Croatia) were submitted in the taekwondo song lyric category.

As the result of the evaluation by the seven-member Screening Committee, the entry by Korea’s Lee Woo-chang, a post modern music composer, was selected as the best composition for the taekwondo anthem, pending the approval of the WTF Executive Council in Beijing in May.

The Screening Committee, composed of four taekwondo dignitaries and three music experts, decided not to select a winning taekwondo song lyric. Accordingly, the WTF plans to post Lee’s approved composition on the official WTF Web site before inviting the public to compose a fitting set of English lyrics for Lee’s composition to be used as the WTF’s official taekwondo song.

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