ETU General Assembly in Baku


Saturday, October 27, 2007

On Oct. 25th the General Assembly of the European Taekwondo Union took place at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Baku. This year there were new elections scheduled and the whole community of European Taekwondo Federations came to Azerbaijan for voting for a new ETU President and board.

As in the last years, this gathering took place in a friendly and constructive atmosphere, the hospitality of the hosting Azerbaijan Taekwondo Federation contributed much to the good feelings of the representatives of the European Taekwondo Federations. Here are the highlights of the assembly:

ETU President Athanasios Pragalos has been re-elected unanimously. He will continue his fruitful work for the European Taekwondo community.

The elections for the ETU Board have come out with the following result:

14 of the 18 board members were elected, these are:

Gerrit Eissink (NED), Evgeny Klyuchnikov (RUS), Fuzuli Musayev (AZE), Angelo Cito (ITA), Manuel Colmenero (ESP), Stefan Klawiter (GER), Phivous Christou (CYP), Ferenc Boo (SWE), Gerry Joyce (IRE), Metin Sahin (TUR), Thomas Holt (DEN), Heinz Gruber (GER), Miklos Patakfalvy (HUN), Franjo Prot (CRO).

The other 4 board members will be selected by the ETU President and this will be made public later.

As cash auditors Fred Buikenhuis (NED), Istvan Rajkaj (HUN) and Stanko Vidic (CRO) have been elected.

The ETU General Assembly decided also about other matters:

A-Class Tournaments
There will be a 'Supercup' at the end of the year where the best fighters according to the ranking list will compete. The A-Class-System will be adapted for Poomse competitions also.
ETU Taekwondo Academy
A similar projekt has been presented by WTF in Manchester, ETU will wait with what WTF will come up.
New ETU-Members
Serbia, Montenegro and Isle of Man (tha last one as 'associated member') have been accepted as new ETU members.
The General Assembly decided about the locations of the following events:
2009 Poomse Championships - no organizer so far, ETU will try to find one
2009 Cadet Championships - Zagreb (CRO)
2009 Junior Championships - June 26th - 28th in Trelleborg (SWE)
2010 Senior Championships - May 1st - 5th in St.Petersburg (RUS)
2010 Team Championships - Azerbaijan
ETU has signed a contract with Dartfish company (see the related News article) regarding the TV-broadcasting of competitions via internet by near-live internet-streaming. Organizers will be obliged to provide the necessary technical requirements for broadcasting (internat connections in the hall and so on). Interested spectators will be able to watch competitions at home at the computer monitor then.

As soon as we receive the result list of the European Junior Taekwondo Championships from Baku we will publish it on our result page.

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