ETU Establishes A-Class Tournaments for Poomse


Saturday, May 05, 2007

At the ETU Poomse Instructor Seminar in Alicante the board of the ETU had a meeting and took the following decisions:

 These decisions will not only improve the technical quality among the affiliated federations but also create uniformity in the judgement system. It shall give Europe, as a continent, the possibility to profile itself more clearly by participating at the Poomse World Championships.

There was also a meeting between Park Soo Nam, 9th Dan, Vice-President of WTF and the higher present Dan grades. The goal was to discuss the evolution of Poomse on world level. The result of this discussion were the following proposal:

This proposal has 2 advantages: Every participant at the World Championships will need to adjust his Poomse in one or another way during his preparations. On the other side, Grandmasters and Poomse academies will be able to keep there own identity and vision on Poomse without being forced to permanent changes.

It has to be seen if those proposals will find their way into the official rules but vivid discussions among the members of the WTF are likely to happen in the future.

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