New Hand Protector


Monday, January 02, 2006

WTF has published the specifications for new hand protectors to be used in competition. Those who traveled to Korea last year could already see some samples of these new devices. Producing companies are invited to sign a license contract with WTF according to this specifications. WTF sanctioned Taekwondo hand protectors will look like this:

B-a: Line that can be folded

B-b: Part where ventilating material is used or where the palm of hand is exposed

B-c: Fastening band of the wrist

F-a: Essential part of the Bareun Jumeok technique, 4-6mm thick

F-b: Part to protect thumb, 4-6mm thick

F-c: Back of hand, 8-10mm thick

F-d: Lines that can be folded

S-a: Side of the little finger, 4-6mm thick

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