WTF Office To Be Moved


The office of the World Taekwondo Federation in Seoul will move to a new location...

New Competition System Tested


The WTF is discussing various changes and modifications of the existing tournament rules...

Spanish Open as Test for World Championships successfully finished


The Spanish Taekwondo Federation has announced the 2005 Spanish Open as a test event for the upcoming Taekwondo World Championships 2005 ...

WTF Referee Seminar in Madrid


The WTF organizes another seminar for International Referees...

Results of ETU Poomse Championships Added


We have added the results of all ETU Technical (Poomse) Championships lately...

New Job Chances for Retired Taekwondo Athletes


Chungwon Choue, WTF President, signed a cooperation partnership agreement with Jerome Caille, President of Adecco...

WTF ExCo-Meeting held on Oct. 4th


Chungwon Choue, WTF President, presided over the WTF Executive Council meeting on Oct. 4th...

Choue Appoints DH Moon as New WTF Secretary General


Chungwon Choue, WTF President, appointed Dong-Hoo Moon, 55, as WTF acting secretary general...

10 New WTF ExCo-Members Appointed


Chungwon Choue, WTF President, appointed 10 new members of the Executive Council...

ETU Board Meeting in Athens


ETU has held it's regular Board Meeting during the Olympic Games on August 25th in Athens...

Olympic Results 2004


The Olympic Games in Athens 2004 are over...

Taekwondo Athlete Profile Study


An interesting study was published in the last WTF News regarding the profile of male and female Taekwondo athletes...

Olympic Taekwondo - TV Broadcast


Thursday, August 26th the rumble will start!

WTF Secretary General Kum Hong Lee returns


The long time WTF Secretary General Kum Hong Lee who resigned during the presidential election period, returned to the post of the Secretary General...

New WTF President elected


Choue Chung-won, vice president of the South Korean Olympic Committee (KOC), was elected as the new president of the World Taekwondo Federation...

ETU plans A-class tournaments


ETU plans to establish a number of 'A-class tournaments' in order to provide a basis for a future ranking system...

Sentence for Un Yong Kim spoken


On June 3rd 2004 the sentence for WTF Ex-President Dr. Un Yong Kim was spoken at a court in Seoul...

New WTF Secretary General


Acting WTF President SunJae Park designated Ki Seon Kim Wednesday (May 13) as the new WTF Secretary General...

Sentence for Ex-WTF-President Kim Un Yong expected


State prosecutors requested a seven-year jail term for Kim Un-yong...

ETU successfully held PR- and Media Workshop


European Senior Championships in Lillehammer


The European Senior Championships in Lillehammer have shown a number of magnificent competitions between the top Taekwondo athletes of Europe...

Two candidates remaining for WTF President


Wildcards for Athen 2004


The wild card tickets enebaling some of the nations that failed to qualify in the World and Regional Qualifying Tournaments for the Olympic Games in Athens 2004 were given to four countries...

New WTF President to be elected on June 11th


The new WTF President to fill Dr. Un Yong Kim's remaining term of office will be elected at the extraordinary General Assembly ...

ETU PR- and Media Workshop


Organized by the ETU-PR-Committee the first ETU PR- and Media Workshop will be held on Wednesday, May 5th 2004 at Hotel Radisson in Lillehammer...

Eurosport Taekwondo Broadcasting


Eurosport will broadcast the European Taekwondo Olympic Qualification Tournament from Baku...

1st Eurpeoan Taekwondo Symposium


The ETU Scientific Committee announces the 1st European Taekwondo Symposium ...

European Team Championships


The European Taekwondo Team championships took place on April 10th and 11th 2004 in Grenoble, France...

Qualification Results for Athens 2004


So far all qualification tournaments for the upcoming Olympic Games in Athens 2004 have been fought...

WTF ExCo decided about the future of WTF


On Feb. 15th 2004, during the Asian Olympic Qualifications in Bangkok, there was a meeting of the WTF Executive Council...

ETU Guestbook reconstructed


The ETU website has undergone a small reconstruction recently...

Eurosport covers Olympic Selection Tournament in Paris


Eurosport TV will broadcast about 30 minutes of the Taekwondo World Olympic Selection Tournament for the upcoming Olympic Games in Athens...

ETU-Letter to National Federations


ETU has sent a letter to all WTF-member federations to support the requested Extra Ordinary General Assembly. Meanwhile the WTF-Executive Committee has announced a meeting on Feb. 15th in Bangkok/Thailand to elect an Acting Vice President for the WTF.

ETU Press Release


ETU calls for an Extra Ordinary General Assembly of WTF after the resignation of WTF-President Dr. Un Yong Kim.

WTF-President Dr. Un Yong Kim resigned


As a result of ongoing prosecution against the long time WTF President and IOC-Vice-President Dr. Un Yong Kim has resigned from his position of WTF-President on Friday, Jan. 9th 2004...

Regional Olympic Selection Tournaments for OG 2004


The modus of selecting the participants for the Taekwondo contests at the Olympic Games in Athens 2004 is the same like last time. The will be regional selection tournaments ...

New WTF Competition rules


At the WTF World Championships in Jeju the WTF General Assembly was held. Part of the assembly was the decision over new competition rules that should contribute to making Taekwondo fights more spectacular to the audience and the media...

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