Saturday, January 17, 2004

ETU General Assembly was held in the course of the European Taekwondo Junior Championships in Athens / Greece 27th 2003. The elections brought no surprise as ETU is consolidated and there is no dispute about the general direction in which it should move in the next years.

ETU President Athanasios Pragalos was unanimously reelected by acclamation for the next period of four years. There were minor changes in the board as three former board members - Jarmo Soila (Finland), Thomas Holt (Denmark) and Dr. Norbert Mosch (Austria) - withdraw and three new board members - Angelo Cito (Italy), Michel Madar (Israel) and Luc Sougne (Belgium) - replaced them. Cengiz Yagiz from Turkey also has been joining the board.

The composition of the new ETU board can be seen on the board-page.

The GA also voted for hosting countries of upcoming ETU-events. The new European Cadet Championships 2005 will be held in France (Toulouse/Lyon), the European Senior Championships 2005 will take place in Latvia (Riga) and the European Senior Championships 2006 are hosted by Belarus (Minsk).

Azerbaijan (Baku) has won the election of hosting the Olympic Region Qualifications 2004 with 26 votes over competing countries Italy (20 votes), Germany (8 votes) and England (4 votes).

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