1st European Taekwondo Club Championships

The 1st European Taekwondo Clubs Championships for Clubs (Seniors, Juniors and Cadets) will be held in Athens, Greece, from 9th to 13th of January 2013. The Championships will take place at the Taekwondo Sports Pavilion, at the same venue that took place with great success the Athens 2004 Olympic Games of Taekwondo in August 2004.

Our company HTG will be happy to offer you accommodation services in Athens as well as transfers solutions to and from the Sports Pavilion during the Championship. HTG has a long established reputation in delivering expert travelling reputation solutions all over Greece in the field of high performance sports. We can handle and oversee every aspect of travel and accommodation arrangement and requirements for a wide range of high profile sporting clubs, associations and federations, dealing with players, crews and co-workers, as well as supporters and affiliate organisations.

At HTG Sports, our proven track record in sports travel management gives us the understanding to provide our clients with the service they need off the field, so they can perform to the highest standard on it. We have the pleasure to present your our special package rates in the attached document

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Athens.

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