ETU covers the fights and the sites again...

The Games have been opened.

With the Opening Ceremony in the Palace of Sports in the Center of Madrid the Taekwondo World Championships have begun today. Starting tomorrow there will be preliminary fights in the morning and final games in the evening. This World Champion ship has turned out to be the largest ever: 1237 competitors from 125 countries will compete.

WTF General Assembly paved the way for reforms

The WTF General Assembly not only elected a new board but also voted for a number of changes and adaptions that should garantee a save future for Taekwondo in the Olympics and as a modern sport. As already published, two major changes are being applied in from tomorrow on, that means in those World championships:

  1. Competition time will beshortened to two minutes per round, even for senior male competitors.
  2. In case of a tie there will be a fouth round with a 'Sudden Death' rule. That means the one who strikes the first point in the fourth round wins the game.

A number of other changes will follow from 2006 on, such as an additional point for technicallly complicated kicks, four judges instead of three and the introduction of fighting gloves. The competition mat will shrink to 10x10 meters.


The complete report for changes of the Competition Rules can be seen at

WTF has a new Logo

At the WTF General Assembly in Madrid there also has been presented a new logo for WTF. The new sign should stand for a fresh attitude to face the time ahead and to signalize a new way of cooperation between all member nations.


The new logo also will be a modern symbol for a modern sport and it will become a sign for the will to coordinate all efforts for making Taekwondo a permanent Olympic Sport.

Poomse World Championships 2006

In 2006 the first Poomse World Championships will be held. WTF General Assembly has approved the new Competition Rules for Poomse and selected a host site - Seoul/Korea.

Host City for World Championships 2007 selected

The Taekwondo World Championships 2007 will be held in Beijing / China. Izmir (Turkey) who also has been a candidate withdrew in favor of China and wants to host the World Championships in 2009.

New WTF Board Elected

The General Assembly has elected a new Board.

President: Dr. Chongwon Choue - he reached an overwhelming majority of the votes.


Vice Presidents:

Kamaladdin Heydarov (Azerbaijan)

Dr. Nat Indrapana (Thailand)

Park Soo Nam (UK)


Executive Council Members


Minayaha Siaka Coulibaly (Cote d'Ivoire)

Driss El Hilali (Morocco)



Mohamed Ahmet K. Al Sulaiti (Quatar)

Young Tae Kim (Korea)

Coleman Lee (P.R. of China)

Seyed Mohammad Pouladgar (I.R. Iran)

Jizhong Wei (P.R. of China)



Ferenc Boo (Sweden)

Rene Bundeli (Switzerland)

Manuel Colmenero Firvida (Spain)

Gerrit Eissink (Netherlands)

Heinz Gruber (Germany)

Evgeny Klyuchnikov (Russia)

Michel Madar (Israel)

Metin Sahin (Turkey)

Dr. Paul Viscogliosi (France)



Maria Rosario Borello Castillo (Guatemala)

Hong Ki Kim (USA)

Mario Mandel Vaisman (Chile)

Dai won Moon (Mexico)


The other officials of the Board will be appointed directly by President Dr. Choue. It turned out that Europe has become the strongest continent in the WTF, when counting the number of Board Members.

Fighting has begun!

Today the fighting in Madrid has begun. A record number of contestants started to compete on five mats in the beautiful Palacio de Desportes in the center of Madrid. Unlike other tournaments there are quite a lot of spectators - not only the team mates from the fighting competitors.


This gives a good feeling and so far the aufience has proved to be fair and has a great knowledge of Taekwondo. One can see that in Spain are many people who do know Taekwondo and perhaps are training actively themselves.


Together with the nice weather (everyday is sunny and warm) there is a good atmosphere and we hope that this will continue until the closing ceremony on Sunday.

The first new World Champions!

Two weight categories have been fought on the first day of the Taekwondo World Championships in Madrid: Female -63kg and Male -72kg.


In a dramatic fight that had to go into the fourth round - according to the newly adapted WTF Competition Rules - Edna Diaz from Mexico came out victorious over Su Li Wen from Chinese Taipei in the ladies category. After 4 : 4 the fourth round showed no more points so no ?sudden death? happened and the referees had to choose the winner according to superiority.


In the male category Hadi Saei Bonehkohai eliminated his opponent from Korea in the preliminaries and won the final against Alan Akoev from Russia clearly after Takahino Niimi from Japan had given up in the Semifinal due to some injury.


The medal winners of those two categories are:


Female - 63kg:

1. Edna Diaz (Mexico)

2. Su Li Wen (Chinese Taipei)

3. Chonnapas Preanwaew (Thailand)

3. Carmen Marton (Australia)


Male - 72kg:

1. Hadi Saei Bonehkohai (I.R. Iran)

2. Alan Akoev (Russia)

3. Takahino Niimi (Japan)

3. Carlos Vasquez (Venezuela)

Winners from the second day

The second day of competition brought the first korean World Champions. In two weight categories korean fighters climbed the top of the ladder:


Female - 51kg:

1. Ying Wang (P.R. of China)

2. Brigitte Yague (Spain)

3. Daynelli Montejo Poll (Cuba)

3. Nevena Lukic (Austria)


Female - 72kg

1. Natalia Falavigna (Brazil)

2. Sarah Stevenson (Great Britain)

3. Los Arcos Aitziber (Spain)

3. Jung Sun Young (Korea)


Male - 58kg

1. Ko Seok Hwa (Korea)

2. Behrad Khodadad Kanjobeh (I.R. Iran)

3. Thanh Long Dinh (Vietnam)

3. Dech Suttikulkarn (Thailand)


Male -84kg

1. Oh Seon Taek (Korea)

2. Jon Garcia (Spain)

3. Yossef Karami (I.R. Iran)

3. Bruno Ntep (France)


With these results Korea takes the lead in the medal ranking with two gold and one bronze medal. Second is Iran with one gold, one silver and one bronze medal. Let's see what the next days will bring.

A turbulent day in Madrid!

On the third day of the World Taekwondo Championships in Madrid fighting became turbulent. After an apparent misjudgement in the 'Sudden Death'-round of the semifinal between Steven Lopez (USA) and Alonso Rosendo (Spain) Lopez has been declared winner and therefore being he finalist in the Welter weight category.


Heavy protests from the Spanish side followed and at the time when this lines are written it is still not clear how the competition will continue. Here are the other results from the final games of that day, the result of Male Welter weight will follow when the final decision of the Arbitration Committee has been made public:


Female - 47kg


1. Asensio Belen (Spain)

2. Eun Young You (Korea)

3. Sürneyye Gülenc (Germany)

3. Mandy Meloon (USA)


Female - 67kg


1. Hwang Kyung Seon (Korea)

2. Gwladys Epangue (France)

3. Ibone Lallana (Spain)

3. Sandra Saric (Croatia)


Male -54kg


1. Kim Jin Hee (Korea)

2. Feirollah Nafjam (I.R. Iran)

3. Gerardo Rodriguez (Mexico)

3. Seafula Magomedov (Russia)


Male  - 78kg

Now the final results have been publicised:


1. Steven Lopez (USA)

2. Ali Tajik (I.R. Iran)

3. Alfonso Rosendo (Spain)

3. Daniel Jukic (Australia)

Winners from Saturday

The winners from today (Saturday) are:


Male -62kg:


1. Jae Sik Kim (Korea)

2. Wenceslau Marcio (Brazil)

3. Dincsalman Kivanc (Turkey)

3. Goldshmidt Llan (Israel)


Male +84 kg:


1. Ruben Montesinos (Spain)

2. Abdelkader Zrouri (Morocco)

3. Jun Nung Heo (Korea)

3. Leonardo Basile (Italy)


Women -55kg:


1. Bo Hye Kim (Korea)

2. Murat Zeynep (Turkey)

3. Orphee Laduceur (Canada)

3. Ahmet Elmy Eman (Egypt)


Women +72kg:


1. Kyung Hyong Sin (Korea)

2. Isabelle Diaz (Puerto Rico)

3. Laurence Rase (Belgium)

3. Liu Riu (P.R. China)

...and the last day of fighting ...

On the last day of the tournament the following winners came up:


Male -67kg:


1. Mark Lopez (USA)

2. Myong Seob Song (Korea)

3. Dennis Bekkers (Netherlands)

3. Itsisoa Aritz (Spain)


Female -59kg:


1. Diana Lopez (USA)

2. Sae Rom Kim (Korea)

3. Karine Sergerie (Canada)

3. Bineta Diedhiou (Senegal)

The World Championships are over.

Today, Sunday, the Taekwondo World Championships in Madrid finished. It has been a record tournament with a record number of participants. Organisation by the Spanish Taekwondo Federation has been fine and professional, at least at the main part of the event.


What was heavily criticised especially by the TV media was the missing flow of information and repeated changes of schedule during Live-TV broadcast. WTF has been blamed for all this by media personnel and there must be a great increase of professionality in that aspect at the next games if Taekwondo wants to be accepted as a fully grown sport further on.


We are sure that the new WTF Board will pay great attention to that fact and we hope to see all of you (and many more) at the next World Championship in Beijing 2007. Congratulations to all the winners and have a nice evening!

Medal Ranking

The overall medal ranking of the first five Nations is:      
Country Gold Silver Bronze
1. Korea 7 3 2
2. USA 3 1 -
3. Spain 2 2 4
4. Iran 1 3 1
5. Brazil 1 1 -