G1 instead of A-Class

ETU has decided that from 2014 on there will be no A-Class tournament anymore FOR KYORUGI but G1 instead. G1 status is granted by WTF and organizers can apply for this status at the ETU office.

Application Form is here.

FOR POOMSAE the A-Class system will be continued.

ETU A-Class Tournaments 2013

Here are the current ETU-A-Class tournaments from this year. You can find out the results (as far as they are available) by clicking on the appropriate link.

ETU A-Class Tournaments

 = ETU A-Class Tournament

ATTENTION: there will be no A-Class tournament  FOR KYORUGI after 2013 but only G1 tournaments! FOR POOMSAE the A-Class system will be continued.

  2013 Date Event/Info Location/Results
 February 9~10  Trelleborg Open results are here
 March 8~9  German Open results are here
 16~17  Dutch Open Eindhoven/Netherlands
 April 5~7  Belgium Open Invitation Kyorugi Invitation Poomsae

 Kyorugi results Poomsae results

 May 3  Spanish Open Poomsae Alicante/Spain
 4~5  Spanish Open Kyorugi results are here
 18  Czech Open Poomsae 2013 Prague/Czech Republic
 25  Danish Open Poomsae results are here
 June 1~2  Austrian Open Kyorugi Outline results are here
 8~9  Swiss Open Lausanne/Swiss
 15  Austrian Open Poomsae Outline English Outline German results are here
 August 16~18  Finnish Open Poomsae Turku/Finland
 September 12~17  Russian Open G1 Application Forms Info in Russian Chelyabinsk/Russia
 28  Hungarian Open Poomsae Budapest/Hungary
 October 5~7  Ukraine Open Cup Hotel List and Arrival Kharkov/Ukraine
 13 Israel Open Ashdod/Israel
 26~27  12th Galeb Belgrade Trophy Hotel Info Belgrade/Serbia
 November 9~10  19th Croatia Open Hotel List Hotel Reservation Zagreb/Croatia
 24  Serbian Open Poomsae TBA/Serbia
 Feb. 8~9 Trelleborg Open Trelleborg/Sweden
 15~16  German Open Poomsae Gummersbach/Germany
 March 15~16 Dutch Open TBA
 April 5  Belgian Open Poomsae Lommel/Belgium
 May 25  Danish Open Poomsae TBA
 June 14~15  Austrian Open Poomsae  Ausschreibung D Outline E Vienna/Austria
 Sept. 20 Serbia Open Poomsae Belgrade/Serbia