ETU Ranking List 2009

compiled by Peter Bolz

The ETU Board has decided to establish a ranking list for the best European Taekwondo competitors. Based on the results of the ETU A-Class tournaments in one year this list is compiled according to the following:

  • 7 points for each winner
  • 5 points for the second place
  • 3 points for the third place

Only ETU A-Class tournaments in the current year are considered. If the 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in one category is occupied by a non-European competitor, this place is not counted because this ranking list shows only the ranking of European Taekwondo competitors.

ETU A-Class tournaments are the elite Taekwondo championships in Europe, They are hosted by selected National Federations and are screened by ETU for high class level of organization and partizipation. Click on one of the weight categories below and find out the top level Taekwondo players of Europe for the current year.

According to the new weight categories which have been implemented by WTF in 2009 the ranking list categories also have changed. Because during the year of 2009 some ranking tournaments have used the old weight categories, it has been necessary to adapt the ranking points in the overall ranking lists. That means that the 'old points' in the 'old weight categories' have been accounted to the 'new points' in the 'new weight categories using the following system:

under 47 kg  =  under 46 kg
under 51 kg  =  under 49 kg
under 55 kg  =  under 53 kg
under 59 kg  =  under 57 kg
under 63 kg  =  under 62 kg
under 67 kg  =  under 67 kg
under 72 kg  =  under 73 kg
over 72 kg    =  over 73 kg

under 54 kg  =  under 54 kg
under 58 kg  =  under 58 kg
under 62 kg  =  under 63 kg
under 67 kg  =  under 68 kg
under 72 kg  =  under 74 kg
under 78 kg  =  under 80 kg
under 84 kg  =  under 87 kg
over 84 kg    =  over 87 kg

The resulting ranking lists are here:

Female -46kgMale -54kg
Female -49kgMale -58kg
Female -53kgMale -63kg
Female -57kgMale -68kg
Female -62kgMale -74kg
Female -67kgMale -80kg
Female -73kgMale -87kg
Female +73kgMale +87kg

These are the actual Ranking Lists for 2009. You find the Ranking Lists for former years by clicking on the appropriate year on the right side.

 last updated on Dec. 11th 2009