ETU Poomsae Ranking List 2013

The ETU Poomsae Ranking List for 2013 has been completed. It now includes all ETU Poomsae A-Class tournaments from 2013:

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ETU Poomsae Ranking List 2012

The ETU Poomsae Ranking has been set up based on the results of seven ETA A-Class Poomsae tournaments in 2012 (German Open Poomsae, Belgium Open Poomsae, Danish Open Poomsae, Austrian Open Poomsae, Finnish Open Poomsae, Hungarian Open Poomsae, Serbian Open Poomsae). 

The Poomsae Ranking List has been updated - this is the list up to Nov. 2012.

Check out the ETU Poomse Ranking List for 2012 here.

ETU Ranking List 2010

ETU A-Class tournaments are the elite Taekwondo championships in Europe, They are hosted by selected National Federations and are screened by ETU for high class level of organization and partizipation. Click on the list below and find out the top level Taekwondo players of Europe for 2010:

When looking at the ranking, please note the following:

  1. The Ranking List of the A-Class tournaments for 2010 will NOT be used for seeding in future competitions.
  2. The ETU Ranking List covers ONLY EUROPEAN competitors.
  3. Ranking points for Paris Open 2010 (where olympic weight categories were used) were always added to that weight category where the competitor has earned the most ranking points before. 

Female Weight Categories     Male Weight Categories

These are the Ranking Lists for 2010. You find the Ranking Lists for other years by clicking on the appropriate year on the right side.