ETU Activities

The European Taekwondo Union is governing all Taekwondo Activities in Europe. Main activities are:

organizing Taekwondo tournaments like European Taekwondo Senior and Junior Championships and other international sporting events

conducting referee seminars

providing seminars for trainers

- spreading Taekwondo through solidarity programs

establishing and maintaining standards according to the World Taekwondo Federation


Promotion and development of Taekwondo in Europe.


General assembly (everytwo years): organising the main guidelines of our activities including the election of the Executive Council members.

Executive council members: 14 members elected for four years managing the ordinary business.

Technical, referee, scientific and medical committees are studying specifically items in order to make proposals to the Ex.Co. and the General Assembly.

Finance: Members annual fees, sponsors and organisations profit. No consultative status.

Contacts with our world organisation: WTF and the CIO for some matters.

Programmes: Every two years: Europe Championships for senior and junior, the other year we organize the Europe Cup.

We organize some specifically seminars, meetings, solidarity activities for some countries in technical matters. We help some local organisations and we provide our members with some information in our ETU newsletter. We also act as spokesmen for our members in the WTF forum.