ETU - Other Championships:

Eurocup 2001 in Helsinki 

European Championships for Teams 2002 in Madrid 

ETU Poomse Championships 2003 in Ajaccio/Corse 

ETU Technical Championships 2005 in Turku/Finland 

1st Cadet European Championships 2005 in Rome/Italy: 

Games from the first day (Result List) 

Games from the first day (Pool List) 

Games from the second day (Result List) 

Games from the second day (Pool List) 

Games from the third day (Result List) 

Games from the third day (Pool List) 

Male Result List 

Female Result List 

Overall Result List

European Championships for Teams 2006 in Trelleborg/Sweden:

Result Elimination

Total Ranking Pools

Total Results Groups

Final Classification Female

Final Classification Male

Overall Classification by Country

European Cadet Championships 2007 in Budapest

European Poomse Championships 2007 in Antalya/Turkey:

1st Master Female

1st Master Male

1st Pair

1st Senior Female

1st Senior Male

1st Team Female

1st Team Male

2nd Master Female

2nd Master Male

2nd Pair

2nd Senior Female

2nd Senior Male

2nd Team Female

2nd Team Male

Junior Female

Junior Male

European Team Championships 2008 - Konya/Turkey


Group Rankings

Overall Results

European Cadet Championships 2009 in Zagreb

Results Friday

Results Saturday

Results Sunday

Medal Ranking Male

Medal Ranking Female

Medal Ranking Total

Fights on Friday

Fights on Saturday

Fights on Sunday

European Taekwondo Championships 2009 under 21 in Vigo/Spain

Individual Results Saturday

Individual Results Sunday

Individual Results per Category

Draw Sheet Friday

Draw Sheet Saturday

Draw Sheet Sunday

Team Results Female

Team Results Male

Team Results All 

9th ETU Poomse Championships in Portimao/Portugal 2009

All Results here

European Championships for Teams 2010 in Baku/Azerbaijan:

Participating Countries

Female Country Classification

Male Country Classification

Overall Country Classification

Team Results

Groups and Fight Numbers

EM 18 - 21 in Kharkov/Ukraine 2010

Individual Winners

Male Results

Female Results

Overall Results

Fight Schedules

10th European Poomsae Championships 2011 in Genova/Italy

Results of all categories

Medal Ranking

European Cadet Championships 2011 in Tbilisi

Results from Day 1

Results from Friday, July 8th 2011

Results from Saturday, July 9th 2011

Results from Sunday, July 10th 2011

Graphical Fight Schedule Thursday

Graphical Fight Schedule Friday

Graphical Fight Schedule Saturday

Graphical Fight Schedule Sunday

All Results Male

All Results Female

All Results Overall

1st European Para Taekwondo Championships Moscow 2011


Team All

Team Female

Team Male


European Taekwondo Championships U21 Athens 2012

Drawsheets Thursday

Drawsheets Friday

Drawsheets Saturday

Drawsheets Sunday

Results Thursday

Results Friday

Results Saturday

Results Sunday

Team Female

Team Male

Team All

European Club Championships 2012 in Athens

European Poomsae Championshipos 2013 in Alicante/Spain

European Taekwondo Championships U21 Chisinau/Moldova 2013

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Other International Championships:

World Championships 2005 - Madrid 

 Info from the site

World Championships 2007 - Beijing

Trelleborg/Sweden 2006 (A-Class):

Participating Countries

Participating Teams

Results Saturday Advanced

Poollists Sunday Juniors and Seniors Beginners

Results Sunday Cadets Beginners

Results Sunday Cadets Advanced

Results Sunday Juniors and Seniors Beginners


Dutch Open 2006 (A-Class):

Results Saturday

Results Sunday

Overall Info

Team Results



Belgian Open 2006 (A-Class)


German Open 2006 (A-Class):







Austrian Open 2006 (A-Class):

Team Results

Single Results

Pool Lists


Azerbaijan Open 2006 (A-Class)

Individual Winners

Total Results


Croatia Open 2006 (A-Class)

Results Saturday

Results Sunday

Results Total


French Open 2006 (A-Class)

Results Female -49kg

Results Female -57kg

Results Female -67kg

Results Male -58kg

Results Male -68kg

Results Male -80kg


6th WTF World Junior Taekwondo Championships 2006

(Hochiminh City/Vietnam)

Male Medal Ranking

Female Medal Ranking


Trelleborg/Sweden 2007 (A-Class):

Results Cadets and Juniors

Poollists Cadets and Juniors

Results Seniors

Poollists Seniors


German Open 2007 (A-Class):

Poollisten 1

Poollisten 2



Holland Open 2007 (A-Class):

Poollists Saturday

Poollists Sunday

Results Saturday

Results Sunday


Austrian Open 2007 (A-Class):

Results Saturday

Results Sunday


Olympic Qualification Tournament for Beijing 2008 (World) Manchester 2007

Poollists Male

Poollists Female

all Winners


Spanish Open 2008

Results Female

Results Male


Austrian Open 2008 (A-Class):

Individual Results



Austrian Open 2009 (A-Class):

All results can be downloaded by clicking here.


Austrian Open Poomse 2009:

Results Pair

Results Single

Results Team


British Open 2009:

Results Juniors Saturday

Results Seniors Saturday

Results Juniors Sunday

Results Seniors Sunday

Results Female Team

Results Male Team

Results Overall Team


World Championships 2009 - Copenhagen

For results click here


Spanish Open 2010 - Alicante

Poomsae Resluts 1

Poomsae Results 2

Poomsae Results 3

Overall Results

Official Total Results


Master Games 2011 - Lignano

Overall Poomsae

Overall All Ages Ranking

Poomsae Individual

Poomsae Pair

Poomsae Teams

Total Results Individual


10th Galeb Belgrade Trophy Serbia Open 2011

List of Participants

List of Participating Countries

Participant Categories

Draw Sheets

Medal Winners

Team Ranking

Referee List


World Championships 2012 - Gyeongju/Korea 

all results

German Open Poomsae 2012

Results Single

Results Pair - Team

Results Countries

Olympic Games 2012 - London

For all results click here


German Open 2013

Danish Open Poomsae 2013


Mediterranean Games 2013 Mersin/Turkey

        For all results click here


Austrian Open Poomsae 2013 Vienna

       Results Individual

       Results Pair

       Results Team

       Results Free Style

       Team Ranking

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